Pew Leaflet

  9th January 2022

The Baptism of Christ

Year C 


Isaiah 43. 1-7

     Acts 8. 14-17                                                            

Luke 3.15-17,21-22,     


A very warm welcome to any visitors worshipping with us.  At the Communion services those who are confirmed and those who normally receive Communion in their own church (whatever denomination) are invited to receive the bread.  Due to Covid, Communion is only in one kind.  All are welcome to receive a blessing.


Evening Worship today is Evensong at St Edmund’s at 6.30 pm


A prayer for this week

Faithful and eternal God, :As the New Year unfolds, the baptism of our Lord reminds us that your love is with us in every new beginning.  Wash away our cynicism and open our eyes to new possibilities, that we may both find and spread hope and joy in whatever circumstances surround us. Amen

We pray for those who are sick and who ask for our prayers
Heather; Jackie; Ann; Dave; Daisy; Pat; Bishop Peter; Hilary; Connie; Brenda; 

Keith; Milo; Maxwell; Isaac; Norma; Josh; Phoebe; Richard; Sarah; Simon; Jim; Tim; Teddy.




David Bishop, Eileen Jean Berrange.


and those whom we remember in our Memorial Books this week

Susan Elizabeth Boynton, Ellen ‘Rene’ Cook, Elsie Edith Hall; Marguerite Ann Naylor, 
Felix Paul Thomas Reeb, Hilda Gwendoline ‘Gwen’ Riddell, Kathleen Winifred Snow, Donald Taylor




Monday 10th January                7.00 pm         Holy Cross PCC meets in Church
Wednesday 12th January         12.00 pm         Funeral of David Bishop (Holy Cross)

Friday 14th January                  8.00 am         Morning Prayer (Holy Cross)

Sunday 16th  January                                    2nd Sunday of Epiphany
                                                  9.30 am         Parish Communion (Holy Cross) 

  9.30 am         Morning Worship (St Mark’s)

                                                11.00 am         Parish Communion (St Peter’s)


DAILY BIBLE READINGS – Our Advent Course has reminded us of the importance for Christians of developing a daily habit of reading and reflecting on a passage of scripture.  Many in the past have found the booklets produced by the Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) helpful.  These are still available and Jill Warren is our contact with the BRF if you want to try them.  Alternatively, if you have a smart phone, you may find it easier to download one of the many apps available, two of which are the BRF’s ‘New Daylight’ and the Church of England’s ‘Reflections’, both of which provide you with a reading, brief comment/ reflection and a short prayer.  These are instantly available, so you could start today! 


CANDLEMAS LUNCH: This will take place at the Appley Manor Hotel on Saturday 22nd January at 12.30 pm for 1.00 pm.  Further details and booking forms are on flyers at the back of both churches.  The cost will be £18.50 which includes a 2 course meal and coffee and all gratuities. Any queries please to Hilary (615551); Tina (611020); Diane (882836).  Please return forms by Sunday 16th January at the latest.


FOODBANK: Items are still urgently required for the Foodbank.  There is a box in the porch at St Peter’s Church for donations but donations of money are equally welcome and can be made to Thank you to those who have made contributions recently which have been much appreciated as there has been increased use of the Foodbank recently. 


HAND SANITIZER:  This is being sold in aid of St Peter’s Church.  70% Alcohol it is £2.50 for 100ml. Obtainable from Diane (882836); Liz (872877); Hilary (615551); Sally Exell (884175). Proceeds to St Peter’s Church. 


COMPOST: There is some well matured compost in St Peter’s Churchyard which is available at £2.50 per 50 litres.  If anyone would like to purchase some, please contact Hilary on 615551.


CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE PEW LEALET: Please send contributions for the pew leaflet to Jo Cooper at or telephone 567874. 


CHURCH DIARY:  If you have any queries or additions regarding dates for the Church diary, please contact Barbara Edwards in the first instance.  She can be contacted on 564413 or e-mail


CONGRATULATIONS to Rodney who celebrates his 80th birthday on Thursday 13th January.




20th January 7.30 pm                                    St Peter’s PCC meets in Church

22nd January  12.30 pm for 1.00 pm            Candlemas Lunch at Appley Manor Hotel