Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Fifty years ago, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first men to land on the moon.  I can remember watching television as events unfolded and witnessing those blurred images as they stepped onto the moon’s surface.  It seemed unreal as we realised what an achievement this was.  Probably the most memorable part of the expedition was the words of Neil Armstrong as he stepped down from the ladder onto the moon’s surface.  “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’.

During the Binstead Primary school annual leavers’ service at Holy Cross, I reminded the children of this great event.  The service was both a celebration of all that the year six pupils had achieved during their years at the school and also a look forward to the future.  They were not only leaving primary school but they were preparing for secondary education.  I explained about the moon landing all those years ago and reminded them of the words of Neil Armstrong.  What the children were doing was taking another step along the path of life.  It may seem daunting but at the same time it would be exciting as they made new friends and began learning new things.  It was important to remember that everything they had learned during their time at Binstead school would stay with them and form the basis of all that they would learn in the next phase of their education.  They would be building on a sure foundation.

We closed the service with a prayer, using the first verse of that well-known hymn “One more step along the world I go”, and said the Lord’s Prayer together.  I couldn’t help wondering what they would make of their new school.  It is a big step for them, but we hope that they will move on with confidence and soon be caught up in the exciting new prospects.

How do we make transitions in our lives?  We too, are faced with continual change, and much depends on our choices.  As Christians we are constantly being asked to adapt to changing circumstances and we know it is not easy.  We have our faith in Jesus Christ which sets us up with a good foundation for living, and this is what sustains us through the changes and chances of this mortal life.  Let us pray that the children moving on and the rest of us facing changes in an uncertain world may share some of that reassurance and confidence which comes from Jesus Christ our Lord.

May God bless you all.