Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

 ‘What’s your favourite season?’ Personally, I love them all.  Each has different aspects to enjoy.  Winter has Christmas, the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus reminding us that God is always with us even in the darkest nights.  Winter transitions to Spring through Lent and Passion week, and brings forth new growth, fresh flowers, bees and new life in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus.  And Summer heats up with Pentecost, the giving of the Holy Spirit and our affirmation of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).  And all that leads
to the Autumn where the fruits of the Harvest are given.  All the seasons are beautiful and precious in  their  own rite.  God breathes God’s Holy and life-giving Spirit into each season.  And so,  each is worthy of celebration and thanksgiving.

But I have to admit that what inspires me are the moments of transition.  It is that first whiff of Spring or Autumn that energises me.  It is the first time I notice the autumn’s slightly muted hues across the sky, leaves and grass, or a clear autumn sky against vibrant changing leaves.  In that moment of change,
I find inspiration and possibility. 

This month of October 2019, we are looking at plenty of change particularly, if our Prime Minister manages to give birth to Brexit.  I wonder what that change will  bring?  We seem a bit tired of talking about Brexit and its impact; yet, I wonder if that is a healthy approach?

In our churches, we’ve got plenty of change afoot.  Fortunately, the PCC continues to progress the West Door project, the replacement of the Chancel window and repair of the others that were damaged, and the purchase of north aisle chairs. 

In terms of social events, we have some amazing talks coming up.  On the 19th October, we have supper and a talk with our lovely, Joy Wickens, Havenstreet.  This will be followed by a talk with Colin Pope at Havenstreet on the 1st November, and then, Mitch Jones (former Beefeater) on the 15th November at Holy Cross Church.

In this time of change and social activity, I pray that you find time to experience and give thanks for God’s holy presence.

All blessings,